About Us

clamshellShelpak Plastics provides specialty plastic trays designed for electronics, precision machined parts, optical components and medical devices.

These trays are used for moving parts around a facility and as extra-secure containers as parts are shipped to the end-user.

With regards to trays for electronic components we can provide anti-Static, Static Dissipative, or Conductive level of dispersion of Static electricity build up. We also offer neutral plastic trays for those components where static electricity build-up is not a concern.

In April of 2012 Adam Carola and Andy Sakellarios bought Shelpak from Dave Sheldon who founded the company in 1986. The former name of the company was Sheltech Plastics.

Shelpak provides precision trays to large Fortune 500 clients and to smaller privately owned precision manufacturing companies.

For design support, product selection, and a quote please call us at 781-844-2046.