Custom Molds & Trays

Shelpak offers a wide range of existing trays for which no mold charge is needed. For those component sizes that do need a custom fit cavity here are the steps to obtain design support and quote.

1) For a design support and a quote we need accurate dimensions and a photograph of the part. A drawing is also good, but a photo is helpful.

2) Once design and pricing information has been accepted, we need an actual part to make the prototype from. If the customer wishes to have a drawing, we can provide one. The prototype is made from a wooden mold. While the finish will not be quite as smooth as the final trays which are made from the Aluminum Die-Cut Mold, the prototype will provide a good indication as to whether further changes to the Mold are needed.

If adjustments are needed we will refine the wood mold and ship new prototypes. When the prototype is accepted we ask for email approval from the customer.

3) Once the customer has approved the revised prototype, Shelpak will proceed to fabricate the trays to the customer’s specification.